Human Touch Perfect Chair Accessory Table – Holds Beverages, Snacks, Remotes, Magazines and Books – for Your Convenience and Relaxation:

Perfect Chair® Accessory Table

Perfect Chair Accessory Table
Perfect Chair Accessory Table

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Perfect Chair® Accessory Table

When you’re relaxing in your Perfect Chair, you don’t want to get up. Let’s say you’re watching your favorite show on TV – you want snacks and the remote control to be right by you – to mute those annoying commercials. Perhaps you’re lounging in your Perfect Chair after work, reading a magazine – you’ve got to have something to hold your cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate. We’re no different from you – sitting in our Perfect Chairs , we thought that something was missing, so we came up with the PC Accessory Table, capable of holding beverages, snacks, or any small item you’d like to have by your side when you’re relaxing in your PC recliner.

PLEASE NOTE: This accessory is only compatible with all wood-based Perfect Chairs (excluding the PC-300) and does not work with PC-085, PC-086 and other fully upholstered models.

Perfect Chair Accessory Table
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Perfect Chair Accessory Table Features

We have created this Accessory table so that you can enjoy your Perfect Chair undisturbed. Along with the Wedge Spanner Table, this a great comfort and convenience adding accessory for your Human Touch Perfect Chair.

  • Three wooden finishes

  • Compact yet sturdy

  • Cup holder included

PC Accessory Table Specifications

Accessory Table Length10"
Accessory Table Width10"
Net Weight2 lbs
Gross Weight3 lbs
Shipping Crate Length15"
Shipping Crate Width3"
Shipping Crate Height10.50"
Part Number(s): Maple: PC-000-400-004
Dark Walnut: PC-000-400-002
Walnut: PC-000-400-006
Chestnut: PC-000-400-013