Human Touch Perfect Chair® Serenity™ PC-086 Zero-Gravity Recliner Chair:

PC-086 Perfect Chair® Serenity® Recliner

PC 086 Perfect Chair
PC 086 Perfect Chair

PC-086 Perfect Chair® Serenity® Recliner

Where heat, waves, weightlessness and beauty come together lies serenity—the Perfect Chair® PC-086 Serenity® Zero-Gravity Recliner, to be exact. Our newest zero-gravity recliner seamlessly integrates earth’s natural elements and the healing arts of the Far East into an amazingly luxurious chair that soothes tired, aching muscles, elevating the body to a new state of comfort and relaxation.

Perfect Chair PC-086 Upholstery
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Experts are Saying...
"Using Far-Infrared helps support the body/mind to allow for a more efficient transition from stress to relax...from being amped to being mellow. They are essential elements of both getting to sleep and staying asleep."
- Dr. James Rouse,
N.D. Naturopathic Physician

PC-086 Features

The Human Touch® Perfect Chair® PC 086 is expertly engineered and crafted to defy gravity’s adverse effects, placing the body in a position to restore its natural wellness. Incorporating only the finest designer materials and finishes, the PC-86 recliner is pretty easy on the eyes, too.

  • electric recline system

    electric recline systemA smooth-functioning, high-performance recline system with whisper-quiet motors eases the chair from upright to full recline in less than 15 seconds. And you control your journey from sitting to floating with an unobtrusive, easy-to use fingertip recline lever.

  • jade stone-transmitted far-infrared heat

    jade stone-transmitted far-infrared heatJade stones radiate far-infrared rays that deliver healing warmth up to three inches deep into tissue, reducing inflammation, relieving joint and muscle pain, improving circulation, and speeding cellular recovery.

  • heated gentle air therapy

    heated gentle air therapyThe chair’s rapid-deploying heat quickly reaches the optimal temperature, then electronically maintains the perfect level of warmth. Combine that with the gentle-wave therapy technology and elevate the body to a new state of comfort and ultimate relaxation.

  • luxurious bonded leather

    luxurious bonded leatherWith comfort, flexibility and durability in mind, our bonded leather is crafted using a combination of man-made materials and genuine leather. The generous cushions and furniture springs provide a soft touch and an indulgent seating experience.

PC-086 Specifications

Upright Chair Dimensions45"L X 35"W X 48"H
Reclined Chair Length65"
Reclined Leg Height29"
Reclined Head Height27"
Seat Width23"
Distance to Wall12"
Weight137 lbs
Recline OperationPower
Recline Angle125-175 Degrees
WarrantyStandard Warranty, 3-Year Limited
Shipping Box Dimensions56"L X 36"W X 46"H
Part Number(s): NA: na